Mega Fortris Expands Horizons in Mongolia

Michel Expo Centre, Mongolia—The Ulaanbaatar Partnership 2022 International Trade Fair that commenced from 22 to 25 September 2022 was jointly held by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the Office of the Capital Governor, and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia. It was their 47th annual exhibition. At this event, more than 70 enterprises from Republic of Belarus, Malaysia, the Russian Federation, and Taiwan in various fields participated. Some of these included companies in the water treatment equipment and transport logistics, IT, and banking and finance industries.

Malaysia was represented by the Malaysian Consortium of Mid-Tier Companies (MCMTC), where 10 major Malaysian manufacturing companies were present. Mega Fortris Group was one of the attendees. With a team of representatives that included our Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Adrian Ng, and Corporate Affairs Director, Ms. Mag Ng, we entered the venue with high expectations for success.

According to a speech by the President of the National Agricultural Research Council, “As a country that can prepare and supply agricultural raw materials and products, we see the possibility of introducing Malaysia’s high technology to Mongolia and establishing a joint venture.”

This exhibition was mainly to provide a platform for businesses to connect and network with each other, while understanding the business, economic and investment environment of Mongolia. Rows and rows of booths were lined up next to each other, grouped by their countries. A translator was on site to assist with the ease of communications.

“We met a lot of successful business women at the event,” mentioned one of our team members, feeling empowered by the inspiring and engaging scene. “We made new connections, which I believe is good for the group.”

Quoting Mr. Adrian, he had said that the event was fantastic. It was well-organised, proving itself to be a great platform for networking and potential business opportunities.

“The event was excellent because the results were beyond our expectations. We have several prospects eagerly wanting to represent and work with Mega Fortris, one of them being an industry that we had been wanting to explore and tap into for years,” added Ms. Mag. “If we are successful, this could be substantial avenue for Mega Fortris Group moving forward.”