Mega Fortris has incorporated biodegradable additives into our full range of Polypropylene (PP) and nylon plastic security seals. Products that are made with BioSphere plastic additive comply with ISO 14021:2016 “Environmental labels and declarations” under the definition of “Biodegradable”.  Plastic products that are made with this additive biodegrade in accordance with the following testing methods:

  • ASTM D5511 and ISO DIS 15985
  • ASTM D5526-12
  • ASTM D 5338
  • In Compliance with EU Directive 84/62/EC | Directive 89/109/EEC | Directive 2002/72/EC

Download the datasheet here.


Biosphere Plastic has designed a unique environmental solution. Their unique plastic additive, when placed into the base polymer such as PP, PE, PS, PET, and other major resin types, enhances the biodegradability of these polymers. BioSphere continues to R&D their technology making it enhance the biodegradation of plastic faster, more affordable and in different forms. When BioSphere first released its product in 2012, its additive was in solid-state form, since then BioSphere has developed a liquid and powder formulation and a compostable additive which is poised to pass the ASTM D6400 testing standard for compostable plastic in the United States.

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