Adrian Ng Group CEO of Mega Fortris To Become “The Green Warrior”

Adrian Ng CEO of Mega Fortris Mega Fortris Malaysia and Founder of Mega Fortris Jari Indai Cares is now taking Mega Fortris to a Sustainable Green Lifestyle. Adrian Ng will be working with Business Professional Women Malaysia (BPWM) to become “The Green Warrior”.

What is “The Green Warrior”?

The Green Warrior (TGW) is an initiative driven by BPW Malaysia, a non-profit organisation with the purpose to inspire, educate and organise various activities in line with the TGW tagline – Sustainable Green Lifestyle.

TGW is committed to sustainable environmental improvements of the community by fostering partnership with businesses, community leaders and neighbours to work together. With the aim to create a clean and safe place for the future generation.

Mr Adrian Ng will be hosting a TGW Event at the Traders Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur on 25th April 2019 with the aim to join forces of large and small organisations to aid in helping them lead a sustainable green lifestyle.

TGW is based on 5 pillars:

  • Green Education
  • Green Lifestyle
  • Green Environment
  • Green Technology
  • Green Healthy Living

The Green Warrior project is a three-phase project to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis based on the five pillars.

  • Phase 1: 2019
    • Conference (B to B) & Exhibition
    • Plogging
    • School Programme
  • Phase 2: 2020
    • Producing End Product
    • Land of Sculpture
    • (Repeat Phase 1 Activities)
  • Phase 3: 2021
    • Recycle Product Warehouse
    • (Repeat Phase 1 Activities)

What do we aim to achieve?

Our Pledge

Integrating Sustainability into long-term objectives & business goals”. We aim to achieve maximum success in having more partnerships from various industries with many great returns in making a mark to be amongst the first who initiated a better tomorrow.

How is this beneficial to my organisation?

  • Creates a positive impact in the community you operate in
  • Improves reputation and brand image
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Opens potential of new business with organisations who wish to work with CSR conscious companies
  • Increase bottom lines
  • Empowers employees

How would the project work with my organisation?

Please see below an engagement model:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a code of conduct and action beyond what is required by laws, regulations and trade laws. CSR is something that brings a turning point for any business or organisation in, the way it operates, It’s strategy, business focus and more.

For more information regarding the event please contact us via our social media platforms.

Remember: A Green Planet Is A Clean Planet