Security Seals Limited was first established in New Zealand on 1985 as an importer and distributor of security seals and security devices. Presently, we are very proud with the execution of our expansion plan by formally partnering with our primary manufacturer, Mega Fortris Global Pte Ltd (MFG).

Mega Fortris Global and Mega Fortris New Zealand’s impressive growth is contributed to our ongoing global research, our clients’ commitment to our expertise, as well as development of excellent quality security products. Over the years, we have innovated the Klicker 2K export container seal, a tracking and visibility system for casinos, developed Mega Fortris Security Bags and the Mega APP tracking software, and much more.

With our strengths of innovation, proactive creativity and client support, they have driven us to be identified as New Zealand’s and Global’s Industry Leaders of Tamper-Evident Security Solutions.

Mega Fortris Malaysia Sdn Bhd started business in 1996. We are a specialised designer and manufacturer of security seals. One of the largest security seals manufacturers in the world, Mega Fortris’s Malaysian-based headquarters houses a purpose-built manufacturing plant that is certified with ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality Management Systems.

Mega Fortris is associated with and provides high quality security seals to industry leaders in transport sectors on land, sea rail and air. The effectiveness and versatility of our products and services has enabled us to secure customers from all over the globe in industries such as chemicals, oil & gas, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, communications, ICT, hospitality, casinos, security companies, banks and manufacturing.

At Mega Fortris, we believe in securing the global supply chain — all the way. Our focus on integrity, innovative visions and commitment to the development of our designs and products to meet the most discerning of customer requirements has led to Mega Fortris’s continuous and exponential growth. We have set up a network of production facilities and offices around the world in over 20 countries to provide local services with a global reach within a moment’s notice.

Mega Fortris offers a full range of quality security products at very competitive prices, a winning combination that has led us to become the preferred supplier for many leading companies around the world.