Re-experiencing the Joys of “Makan”

28 October 2022 — To kickstart the final Friday of October, Mega Fortris Group organised a breakfast gathering for our entire staff compliment in Malaysia. Simultaneously celebrating Deepavali, the carpark and front entrance of our office had temporarily transformed into a dining hall to accommodate the hired catering and seating arrangements, which catered for over 400

Green Shipping with IoT and Real-time Monitoring

By MOST|October 28th, 2019|Real-Time Monitoring, Sustainability As worldwide use for shipping and transportation progress rapidly, so do the environmental impact. According the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, “The typical consumer company’s supply chain creates far greater social and environmental costs than its own operations, accounting for more than 80 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions and more than 90

The Biodegradable “Green” Security Seal

“Mega Fortris Group” The Biodegradable “Green” Security Seals Specialists & Market Leaders. November 2017 Mega Fortris announces the world’s first biodegradable security seal. It is with great pleasure, and immense pride, that “Mega Fortris” Is very proud to announce the launch of our latest innovative, (r)evolutionary environmentally friendly, biodegradable, green, range of security seals & solutions. Mega Fortris –