Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 and 180 2K


All-inclusive premium seal for security requirements.

Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 is delicately designed with various tamper-evident features. Its advanced version, the Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 2K, is moulded with Mega Fortris’ patented two-colour body for improved visibility and to deter tampering attacks. This is the best choice for both identification and security purposes.


  • Valve Sealing
  • Retail Applications
  • Logistics
  • Banking


Technical Specifications:


The Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 and Mini Cable Lock Premium 180 2K are moulded in PP material with non-preformed galvanised steel wire to show clear evidence of tampering.


Mini Cable Lock Premium 2K has a grooved design and features an irregular pattern on the body to prevent tampering and give clear evidence of tampering on the identifier.


One-way locking mechanism is embedded for fast and easy application. The additional tips at both ends provide greater protection.


Default rigid body allows for durable usage of the seal while the additional colour on the 2K body improves definition of laser markings, visibility, and identification.


Irreversible identifiers such as name, logo, barcode, serial number and QR code are laser-marked on the body.


Biodegradable additives for the plastic material are available.


Plastic material can withstand extreme weather conditions of -25°C to 80°C.


Additional information


Zinc Body, Galvanised Steel Wire Cable

Locking Length

180 mm

Cable Diameter

1.8 mm

Tensile Strength

250 kgf


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Download MCLP 180 and 180 2K Datasheet